Wednesday, December 4, 2013


December 4th: I ran again today.  It was 6:00 AM, pitch dark, and it was only toward the end of my slow shuffle around the neighborhood that the sky began to turn.  The way the blue comes and takes over is so startling.  Sunrise never fails to take some small part of me by surprise.  It's the joke that stays funny, the book you read and finish and read again.  You expect it; you know it's coming; and yet, when the sky sets itself on fire, or when, at last, your baby slides up over your stomach in the delivery room, you think: Holy Shit.

That might be all there is: Holy Shit. 

Your Advent thought for the day.


Noa said...
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Noa said...

I just want you to know that this post inspired me to work out when I was feeling lazy. You are an inspiration!

Anne said...