Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold & Canaries

Three years into my sojourn in VA, I've officially gone soft.  I own one of those coats that does not really keep me warm.  My winter accessories are a hopeless jumble, and for all I know, the snow shovel disapparated years ago.  The temperature dropped into the high twenties several nights ago and I became wretched with cold.

And indignant.  Didn't I have a right to my mild winter?  Wasn't the universe obliged to provide me with the ability to run outside, year round, without feeling, well....cold?  It's funny what you begin, over time, to accept as your due.  It's as if entitlement is the canary of acclimation- the singing thing that tells you that, at long last, you've settled in. 

It was with the smack of righteousness then, that I greeted December 2: Sunny, mild, blue. A good day to start my shamble back to life.

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