Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Still in Kansas

They claim it's disappointing to sleep with your fantasy. Your high school crush rolls out of bed to play Warcraft; the one-who-got-away hogs the blankets. I wouldn't know: Alex Ross isn't responding to my advances and my high school crush smoked so much pot as to render himself insensate. I am irritated to report that I can contribute not one datum toward solving the Great Scientific Conundrum of whether or not your fantasy is worth boinking.

I can, however, state unequivocally that Kansas does not disappoint. It does this mainly by not sucking as hard as I thought it would. Kansas has trees! And hills! And peonies! Also ice cream and warm, wet evenings and sustainable burger joints. Granted I'm only a fingersbreadth of the way into Kansas, but it has already trumped ten-fold my vision of alternating feed lots and Wal Marts. Kansas proves that the key to happiness is to set your expectations so low that any movement of the world -a twitch or a shiver or a particular angle of sun- propels the present over the top.

On to the dreadful desert of tomorrow!

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Andrew said...

Sounds like fun so far! Hope you enjoy Utah.