Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Want Not

I'm beginning to dream about my freezer. The freezer is surprisingly persistent, pursuing me into and out of the troughs of dream-susceptible sleep, hauling its white bulk up hills and alleys and towers and clocks. I can see the black, snaky tail of the cord, hear the small grumbling song it sings to itself at night. Whenever it gets close to me, it opens its mouth.

In other words, I'm moving! And despite superhuman effort, including an entire dinner consisting of blueberry pancakes and bacon, my freezer still contains the following:

One and three-quarters packages of frozen peas
One package of frozen green beans
One eighth of a package of frozen raspberries
One very desultory package of frozen brussels sprouts
Two-thirds of a package of frozen corn
One unopened and never-to-be-opened package of Krazee-Pops (don't ask)
One locally-raised skirt steak (mmmm)
Half a tub of vanilla ice cream
One Boca burger
Two bags containing two slices of bread each
Half a bag of flour of a type I don't like to use (bleached)
One hamburger bun
One plastic baggie of crystallized ginger
One yogurt container of vegetable stock
Two black bananas to make banana bread, which I don't eat
One one-pound bag of persimmon mush

Three days til D-day and I am thoroughly daunted. Persimmon sprout pudding? Vanilla-banana glaze for steak? Help?

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