Sunday, August 26, 2007

Check Please

There was an article in the Style section of the NYT today (hi my name is Anne and I read the Style section before I read the Week in Review) about life lists. Apparently, lots of people like to make checklists of the things they want to accomplish before they die. I confess to occasionally contemplating thinking about starting to begin to make such a list, sometimes partly on alternate Tuesdays.

That I never actually set pen to paper speaks in part to the amazing attention-grabbing power of just about everything else, but also to the fact that life goals are so alarmingly....big. Sure I could inscribe my desire to write a novel or contribute to society or do unmentionable things to Jeff Goldblum (please note that the above sample list should not in any way be construed as remotely resembling my own), but if I do, I've set myself up for a veritable Sophie's Choice. Either I have to expend enormous (and possible futile) effort working toward my goals, or I'm a failure. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Fortunately, I've repaired to the brainmobile and come up with the following handy solution. I'm going to make a life list, but rather than large, meaningful, sharp-toothed goals, I will select small, amiable goals of the type it would be difficult not to accomplish in the course of oh, say, walking around.

To wit, Anne's life list:

1) Take a nap
2) Eat cheese
3) Eat a number of apricot cream-cheese danishes greater than, but not limited to, three
4) Nap number two
5) Smile at kittens

All in all, I think this should be -barely- manageable. Readers, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I embark on this difficult journey.

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