Saturday, February 18, 2012


OK, seriously, who ARE all you people who enjoy doing yardwork (per my v. scientific poll) and WHY?!  I need to figure out how to wring some pleasure from this stuff.


Hana said...

okay. i don't enjoy yard work per se. i enjoy (1) exercise, (2) being outdoors, and (3) neatness and organization. i enjoy it most when dad and i work together, and when there is no particularly skill involved which might cause me to mess something up (this is why i enjoy yard work, but not gardening.)

Courtney Elizabeth Mauk said...

I agree with Hana. I like being outdoors and the neatness/organization. I also like getting sweaty in a useful way. But I don't have a yard. When I visit my mom, I like helping her out, but if I actually did have my own little patch of green, I'd probably find mowing it not quite so exhilarating.