Friday, February 3, 2012

Death Comes to My Opinion of PD James

You know how excited you were to hear that, wow, Rob Lowe was going to join the cast of Parks and Recreation?

OK, me neither.

But had I been a Rob Lowe fan as well as a fawning P&R sycophant, I'd have been psyched.   More than psyched  My favorite star on my favorite show!  Chocolate and peanut butter melding their sweetness into one giant gooey ball of awesome!  When your best friend from grade school and your best friend from college totally hit it off! 

Sick with pleasure.  That's how I felt when I learned PD James, my all-time favorite mystery writer, had set her latest at Mr. Darcy's county seat of Pemberley.  I forked over my $12.99 before you could say "It is a truth universally acknowledged."

Only, the book bit.

Yeah, I know that's not proper reviewer talk.  I could explain.  I could erect a scaffold of criticism, lovely and structurally sound.  I could measure my words, dovetail my sentences.  But quite frankly, I wasted enough time on this sucker the first time around.

So I'll cut to the chase.  DNR.  Do not read; the book's already dead.

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