Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gilding the Lily

Or, more accurately, snowing on the heliotrope.  Or whatever that flower is.  There's not very much snow this morning, but I went for a run in it anyway.  It drifted up my nose, down over the daffodils in sheets.  The juxtaposition was jarring, yet immensely satisfying.

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Susan said...

This is not quite large men and kittens, but related:
Of course, it takes away the contradiction since cute boys and kittens are both cute by definition!
One of my librarian friends has posted it *twice* now on Facebook, which is how I learned of it :)

Mara said...

Susan, that website is so weird. The pictures are just so gratuitously cute.

Mara said...

Maybe it's because the pictures all seem to be taken by their girlfriends. It makes them a little too intimate.