Sunday, January 2, 2011


Roundup is a weed killer.

Hopefully my blog, even if it is less than enlightening, is not lethal.

Lethal or not, I've been revisiting what I've written this past year-ish.  In part, it's to see where I've been, geographically and otherwise.  In part, it's for the pleasure of taking whole entries and squashing them into single sentences.

In any case, here's a smattering of what went down in 2010-ish.  Of everything I wrote, these were the truest.

In Which I Sing
In Which I Discover Amtrak
I Miss Dead People
In Which I Fail to Read
I Which I Continue to Waste Energy Craving Things Which Cannot Be
In Which I Figure Out How to Work the Camera and Immediately Start Mediating Visual Experience Verbally

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