Thursday, June 24, 2010

Money Can't Buy You Love

Or mulberries!

(Except it can sometimes buy you love, or at least a semblance of love, because people are awfully good at fooling themselves about what they feel, and a well-heeled mate is, to many folks, an attractive mate. And actually I could probably buy mulberries as well: even though they don't travel well enough to make it to grocery stores, I could pay some enterprising ten-year-old to stand there and pick them for me. Or I could buy a mulberry bush and wait a decade or so. DAMN YOU, BRAIN! Be less ornery!)


Jonathan said...

Aren't mulberries the essence of love?

Mara said...

Aren't they kind of sweet and bland? Plus I always think of a story my friend's mom told me when I was little about all the bugs that came out when she soaked them in water. Not to dis love or anything!