Friday, December 11, 2009

Roll With It

There's a new bakery in my neighborhood. It has a brave little sign and a punny name. There's a chalkboard for pricing, and a small glass case behind which huddle scattered cookies and three lazy susans of cinnamon rolls. There's coffee, and occasionally some bread.

I want this bakery to succeed. I want it at least as much I wanted that scruffy guy in high school French to ask me out, but less than I wanted not to be in high school French at all. But I worry about the bakery. It's the neighborhood, see.

My neighborhood is a university town without the university. The university decamped in the early part of the 20th century; what was left of the town succumbed to the advances of the ever-expanding metropolis. Today, there are boarded up buildings and prostitutes and grocery stores with security guards. There's also a community council, a lot of young families, and a small commercial strip with a variety of independent businesses. Can you say gentrifying?

Since I've moved here, stores have flared into life and burst, like stars. A few, like the new pizza joint, have stayed. The neighborhood is off the main drag. It scares people who are scared of black people and/or the down-at-the-heels types who frequent the plasma center. Most of the people who live in the neighborhood work downtown and aren't around during the day. In short, it's just not QUITE a great place to do business.

Two months ago, the tiny grocery store closed. A gift boutique, two sandwich shops, a dog bakery, and an art gallery all bit the dust. I really really really really want the bakery to succeed. Even if they only ever make cinnamon rolls, I want to be able to buy them.

I hate wanting. Want is a terrible burden. I feel a leaden responsibility, as if I singlehandly have to eat enough cinnamon rolls to keep the lights on. I will eat more cinnamon rolls than is prudent. I will start dreaming of cinnamon rolls. Soon I will come to resemble a cinnamon roll, round and soft and sticky-sweet. I will eat so many cinnamon rolls they will have to roll me out the door and transfuse my plasma. Good thing the plasma center is handy.

I'll let you know how this goes.


Petunia said...

I'm in your neighborhood, too. I've heard about the new bakery but haven't stopped yet. However some good friends shared some goodies with us from RWI.
I, too, fervently hope that the bakery succeeds.

Laura said...

I live in the neighborhood too. I love it here. Please succeed bakery! If a local coffee shop can survive despite Starbucks, so can Roll With It.

Anne said...

I hope so too, guys! I'm liking the new bread she's added...

Anonymous said...

I also live around the area. The bakery makes a good sandwich as well as their cinnamon rolls. Another reason to help keep them in business.

Anonymous said...

I love the new bakery and hope it stays and grows.
People need to know more about it. I brought it up while getting my hair cut at Snips and some of the stylists didn't know they sell great sandwiches and bread!!! Good luck to you guys!