Sunday, December 13, 2009

Infinity Scarf

For my birthday, my friend K gave me The Infinity Scarf. It's a big knit loop of fabric with the name "Infinity Scarf" attached. I stuck the loop over my head and set about trying to figure out the name. Thus far, my theories are these:
  • You can twist the thing into the sideways figure eight of infinity if you try, though why you would do this, only to stare at a make-shift sideways eight you've constructed out of scarf and cannot easily transport, is beyond me.
  • Marketing ploy
  • You can wear it in an "infinity" of ways, though in this case infinity probably breaks down to about nine. Nine is a smaller number than infinity, but is still disturbingly ninefold. I suppose you can wear the regular scarf in a whole lot of inadvisable ways, too, but the Infinity Scarf multiplies your options.
Options are confounding:

OK, I confess: I adore the thing. It's warm, and I can probably pitch it like a tent should the need arise. In short, I love it and I never would have bought it, ever, not in a million years or in the event of the Rapture. And isn't that the definition of the perfect gift? Thanks, K.

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wombat said...

Nice scarf! And I like the question of the week, although it would be nice to be able to explain one's choice!