Thursday, August 20, 2009

When I Look Up

It's funny that the thing in the print edition of the The New York Times that feels most like a blog -Verlyn Klinkenborg's meditative column on country living and nothing in particular- is one of the paper's longer-running editorial features.

At any rate, I love the stuff. Here's Klinkenborg's recent rumination on choosing the Last Big Read of summer:

The book I want is a vortex. When I lower my eyes to it, I'm sucked deep into a place more plausible that the one that surrounds me. When I look up, I want the actual life around me to look strange and original, like a brand new page in a pop-up world.

This is exactly why I read. Not for the plunge into a frigid sea, but for afterward, that moment you emerge into blazing air.

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