Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What the Devil is This?

It arrived in my CSA salad mix a while back. Does anyone know? Because it tastes very forcefully of The Evil*

*If you were raised in a contaminated home amongst the fallen and the broken and the lost, you may be laboring under the misapprehension that The Evil is called "celery." It is not.


josh said...

Based on your description, I would bet that it is "Smallage" (a.k.a. Soup Celery)


(Showing off my knowledge of esoteric vegetables gained from many years in the CSA trenches)

Anne said...

Hooray! I bow to your superior esoteric veg ID skillz. Whatever it is, it is revolting.

josh said...

It is good in soup... provided that you like celery, because that is pretty much what it tastes like.

I only know what it is because our CSA leaves a friendly note in our box each week that tells us what we got. We still have to use process of elimination to figure out which vegetable in the box is the mystery vegetable... Fortunately many years of multiple-choice standardized tests have prepared me well for the challenges of the real world.