Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Neighbors are Making Out!

I spotted them from the bathroom window when I went to take take a shower. I caught the motion of human bodies, one leaning forward, one leaning back, so I lifted the curtain. I'm nosy: I always bite. Were they talking? Fighting? One rolled over the other and I thought: nope.

They are one story down and one house over, in the bare-windowed sunroom where I see the mom and dad of the house talking with their friends some Sundays afternoons. It's the teenage girl and her boyfriend, though his hair is as long as hers. They are chaste but enthusiastic, nuns at a roller-skating rink. They keep coming up for air.

  • I never made out with my high school boyfriend in my parents' house on a Tuesday night. I never had a high school boyfriend. And now it's too late.
  • How many of our private moments are public? How many people are trying manfully (womanfully) not to laugh at us from their upstairs windows? How many people observe our passion -our pure, unguarded moments- and let the curtain fall?


Will said...

Boy, you sure recovered from your illness fast. I wondered when you'd be back to blogging, but it seemed crass to ask. Apparently the answer is: sooner than I thought.

Anne said...

Actually I'm still hitting notes I have no natural right to as a woman. But the brain comes back online fast.