Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Whenever you make a purchase, you've let want spill over the lip of whatever contained it: penury, tight-fistedness, common sense. In those cases in which the container was rational thought, you end up with crap you don't need and don't use: orange go-go boots, for instance, or a bright pink trench coat.

Not that I know anyone who purchased the above-mentioned items.

Very rarely, the thing you purchased so dramatically improves your life that it becomes indispensable. How did you live without it? Your life was a wasteland, a tundra, a pit of despair. Then along comes a little white box called the Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner, for which you forked over an egregious $70 online, and all is sweetness and light!

What does this miracle device do, you ask? It fits in a carry-on suitcase and makes noise. White noise. A lot of white noise, obscuring the grinding of the elevator cables, the barking of dogs, the shrieking of 300 pre-pubescent cheerleaders. Sleep on the road is without price.


Samantha said...

Ooooh. Want.

Anne said...

Seriously. The thing is fantabulous. Overpriced yet WORTH IT.