Monday, January 5, 2009

Poll Me! Poll Me Good!

Courtesy of Daniel Wolf by way of Osbert Parsley

1. Josquin or Palestrina?

2. Bach or Händel?
This is clearly a rhetorical question.

3. Haydn or Mozart?
Mozart! Mozart, you sexy, forbidden thing, you.

4. Beethoven or Rossini?
Beethoven hands down. This pairing is creepy.

5. Brahms or Wagner?
Brahms. Though I admit to a perverse -possibly even perverted- fondness for Wagner.

6. Verdi or Puccini?
Beige vs. taupe. Verdi.

7. Debussy or Ravel
Ravel. But both of them make my teeth hurt.

8. Strauss or Mahler?
Help! I'm drowning in a vat of potage! Strauss? Only because it's over sooner.

9. Stravinsky or Schönberg?
Stravinsky by a nose hair.

10. Cage or Carter?

Tag! You're it.


Samantha said...

The answer to questions 1-10 is Beethoven. That is all. Ok, maybe except for 2, for which I would answer Bach. After that, enh.

Sinden said...

Of Sibelius, Strauss said "I have more skill, but he is greater".