Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Advance

So blogger recently added future-dating. No, this is not about romantic dinners with time-traveling cyborgs. This is about writing this post now, setting a timer, and having it detonate messily over the blogosphere sometime next week.

Future-dating. So what? I know a few bloggers who -mad with power- have begun seeding the year ahead with more posts than the demilitarized zone has mines. I've hung back. For me, blogging is like crash testing. First you observe the impact between you and a specific personal or cultural moment; then you document the debris, injuries, skid marks, etc. If you take that out of real time, what do you have left? Just some dummy in a car.

Still, by the time you read this, I'll likely be going through caffeine withdrawal in New England. You'll be making balloon animals or joking with your housemate or avoiding your significant other or entertaining dirty thoughts or licking the tomato juice off your fingers.

Hello from the past. Cyborgs: don't forget the flowers.

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