Thursday, January 30, 2014

O sleep

So baby has had a run of excellent sleep, and I'm a wreck. 

You'd think, if you were a sane and rational human being, that it would be the other way around: baby up and about, mama prostrate; baby snoozing, mama restored.

If you are a sane and rational human being, I am impressed.

To be honest, the kid's always been a pretty sturdy sleeper as babies go, with none of the night-day confusion so terrifyingly outlined in books.  And now, at twelve weeks, he's slept a full adult quota -from 8PM to 6AM or 7AM straight- for ten out of the past eleven nights.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Is it so strange, that a run of smooth sailing strikes terror into the hearts of those of us with a nose for disaster? When the plane ride is silken I fear turbulence; when the notes come smoothly I wait for the hitch.

Good times- the grin before the fist in the gut.

Which shouldn't, now that I think about it, prevent me from grinning back.  O sleep!

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Andrew said...

I am late to this as usual, but how's it been going since this post? Our kiddo started sleeping through the night at six weeks and, except for a few hiccups now and again (teething, illness, monsters) still does. So it's not that unusual.