Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sideber Sidebar

I've decided to retire my gratitude sidebar.  It was fun while it lasted.  That's a misstatement: it wasn't fun, not exactly, but it was fun's first cousin once-removed, and I figure that's good enough.  And heck, sometimes it even brushed up against joy.

But even gratitude -surely among the most grateful of guests- eventually wears out its welcome.  Log-term gratitude makes me nervous.  I have to follow it around, make sure it has enough towels.  It brings lovely hostess gifts, but there's something too snug, too smug, in the crook of its smile.

This doesn't mean that we're estranged, gratitude and I.  It just means I'm taking a...recess.  Yeah!  I had a sidebar, and now we're in recess!  (If only I could take a recess from constructing tottering towers of metaphor, though!)

I'll still be grateful.  But casually so.  Like: oh, hey, right, it's you.

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