Monday, November 12, 2012

Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Prophet

The Prophet, one-sentence book review: If you're going to be psychologically terrorized, you might as well do it in a loving fictional depiction of Elyria, OH.

Why I took The Prophet off the shelf: #1. Michael Koryta lives in my hometown.  Go familiarity, go!  #2. Eye-level shelf positioning, a la expensive cans of peas.  Go librarians, go!  3. Residual guilt over never having read, nor intending to read, Kahlil Gibran.  Go intellectual torpor, go!

The Prophet haiku:  Football is our God/Psychopaths are also here/two brothers wing it

Male characters, The Prophet: 27?  Ran out of toes.

Female characters, The Prophet: 6.  Some dead.

Male characters, demographic breakdown, The Prophet: Football players and/or psychopaths

Female characters, demographic breakdown, The Prophet: Three hot wives/hot girlfriends.  Two deceased individuals.  One drug addict.  Some category overlap.  Sex of snakes indeterminate.

Reading time, start to finish, with breaks, The Prophet: 8 hours.

Stuff I was supposed to get done during these 8 hours but didn't, The Prophet: Workshop planning, dinner preparation, leaf raking, vacuuming, returning-of-emails, more practicing, laundry.

Bad dreams, Post-Prophet: One. In hotel.  Psychopaths/snakes/no one responding to my email.  If email is re: snakes, ppl, pls respond!

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran References: 0.  Actually, how would I know?  0 plus double dose of guilt.

The Prophet, Hot or Not: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Prophet libation: Scotch.  On the rocks.  But with those stupid whiskey stones instead of ice. You'll drink it anyway.

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Katie said...

I read The Ridge a while ago, without having any idea that he was from Bloomington, or that he was younger than us, just because of its association with . It was also engaging, and traumatizing enough to force me to take breaks from reading.