Thursday, August 16, 2012

Instead of Don Q

08/16/12: 72%

Mood: Dark

Drink: Tea

Books I have gobbled since July 3 while pretending to read Don Quixote: 6

The Long Goodbye, Anne Tyler
Crappy Romance Novels #1, #2 (names have been changed to protect the innocent.  By which I mean my ego)
Broken Harbor, Tana French
Dare Me, Megan Abbot
Desert Solitaire, Eward Abbey



hana. said...

dangit! i've only read 2 other books and i'm still less than halfway. 54 pages more and i'll be through part one. not that i'm counting.

Anne said...

You are doing awesome! I applaud you! Clap clap! There. Now drink some rum.

Mara said...

Hey, I read about 4%! Maybe I'll even get to a little more. Who knows?