Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Book club has chosen Don Quixote for August.  Here's an excerpt of the email by which I cast my fateful vote:

"Tough choice!  I think maybe The Forsythe Saga, though I have to say that Proust is also very tempting.  Really anything but Don Quixote- just not sure I can hack that."

Cue the universe's maniacal laughter.

July's a busy month for me: I'm making my first ever recording in the my-name-is-on-the-CD-and-not-buried-in-the-back-of-the-booklet sense, and I'm running scared.  The perfect time, it would seem, to have at those mills of wind.

But if I have to suffer, y'all do, too.  You know you've just been waiting for a DON QUIXOTE LIVEBLOG!  Oh yes.

 In addition, I hereby issue an open invitation to y'all to hop onboard and read along.  Please?  Where are you going?

Le sigh.

Thus far I've downloaded a free version of the book to my Kindle, tangled with the translator's preface, and skipped Cervantes's rambling prologue.  Now I'm on page 3.  Page 3, people! Bow down!

Though I have to say this sounds eerily familiar:

"In short, he became so absorbed in his books that he spent his nights from sunset to sunrise, and his days from dawn to dark, poring over them; and what with little sleep and much reading his brains got so dry that he lost his wits."

Quixotically Yours,


Mara said...

Yes! I accept your challenge! I shall download it to my kindle forthwith. Actually, I was looking for something to read and yesterday I thought of Tristram Shandy and got about a page into it.

Mara said...

By the way, I tried to vote NO on your poll and it seemed to keep recording my vote as YES. I guess the poll just didn't believe that anyone could be so lax. So I don't know if that one NO vote is me or if there is someone else like me out there.

Hana said...

I'll accept your challenge too! Also, I will take out my old fan and do the Don Q variation we learned in ballet. Ole!

Mara, it is me who does not read the newspaper on a daily basis. If I have it in front of me, I read it. Alas, I cannot afford a daily subscription at this point.

Noa said...

You should definitely try to read Forsyte Saga later, though. It's great! Good luck with the recording.

Anne said...

Rock on, ladies!!!! So pleased to have you aboard!!! We're supposed to get halfway through part 1 by the end of the month...