Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My husband and I have a semi-anniversary on April Fools Day.

It's self-selected.  April Fools is not the day upon which we got married, but it is the day we affixed our pre-marital anniversary to,  a kind of pin-the-tail maneuver on the asses we made, and continue to make, of ourselves.

Relationships aren't for sissies.

Foolishness is what redeems us.  It's what redeems most things, from politics to religion to childbearing to love.  Without Bottom, you've got A Midsummer Night's Snore.  Without Timon and Pumba, you've got an overwrought, anthropomorphic, and vaguely culturally imperialist film about lions.  Without the antic, the tomfool, the punny, all we've got are our paltry human selves.

Does he laugh at your jokes?

It's the first thing I ask, my litmus test.  If he doesn't, you're a fool to stay.

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Mara said...

By the way, I took your poll to mean, did I play any April Fool's jokes, and put in no, which didn't mean that I don't approve of foolishness in general... Is that what everyone else thought too? (Or does discussion ruin the polls?)