Monday, January 9, 2012

TV or not TV

One of the perks of blogging is that you can go back and see what your former self was up to. (A lot of the same stuff I'm up to now, apparently- so much for narrative thrust.) I don't read back very often, but I nearly always give in to an orgy of self-reflection round about the turning of the year, so what better way to get down and dirty than to revisit last new year's menage-a-moi?

(It's a teensy bit irritating, incidentally, to have a written record of your New Year's resolutions.  Before I blogged I usually managed to forget about them sometime between March and April, rendering the question of success deliciously moot.)

Anyhoo, according to the archives, January of last year, I was:

1) Resolving to dwell.

2) Detoxing from an overdose of TV.

This year, coincidentally or not, I am:

1) Resolving to dwell.

2) Fighting an unholy and financially disastrous addiction to my Kindle.  On the flip side, TV watched thus far in 2012 = one 25-minute episode of Parks and Rec.

I can't tell if this marks progress or very clever loss-leading marketing on the part of Amazon.

I do know that I am constitutionally resistant to the sort of living-in-the-moment-ness to which I have aspired and continue to aspire, which probably means I should stop bothering to try to come up with novel & exciting New Year's resolutions and accept that I'll be desultorily dwelling all the Januaries of my days.

I also know that reading, though considerably more expensive than streaming free crap though Hulu, is a deeper, richer, dwellier experience than TV could ever be.  I just hope it doesn't bankrupt me.


Pam said...

Book buying with the kindle seems so easy and harmless. Until the credit card bill comes. Did you know that you can check out library books on it?

Anne said...

It's EGREGIOUS!!! I just bought the Corrections, and my husband tells me we already owned it in hard copy. SIGH. My local lib hasn't quite jumped on the electronic bandwagon yet...I'm hopeful.

Susan said...

Do you still have an MCPL account? They have lots of ebooks, I believe.

Anne said...

Susan, that is an awfully good idea. Hm.