Sunday, July 10, 2011


Struggling a little bit right now.  The house we bought turns out to be top to bottom infested with fleas,  (thanks, previous owners), and our efforts to eradicate them have so far been largely unsuccessful.  I am basically reduced to covering my entire body in white spandex and spending hours staring at my feet.  I have also discovered the pleasure of watching something small and alive thrash and then drown in a bowl of dishwashing liquid, which does not particularly reassure me as to my basic humanity.

[Die.  DIE.  Die.]

We've been in the new house two weeks, though I've been away for much of that time.   I haven't unpacked a thing, but have instead given myself over entirely to  plotting the demise of arthropods.  I'm starting to hate the house, which is not really a good way to commence owning it, and I'm unable to snatch more than a couple of hours of sleep.

All of which is totally crazy-making.  Maybe I will go live with the fellow under the bridge for a while.


Andrew said...

Ugh. This is terrible news. Suddenly my desire to buy a house is dramatically lessened.

Anne said...

Andrew, it is so so so so sucky. You have no idea. I think if I knew for sure we would lick it, I would feel better...