Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Separation Station

So the navigation tabs of the Huffington Post website read something like this:

Politics, Business, Media, Entertainment....Travel, Tech, Living, Health, Divorce...

Wait, divorce?  I mean, Living is kind of an odd heading given that it's difficult not to live and still be reading the Huffington Post, but Divorce is way stranger.  After all, there's no marriage page  There's no section on dating or sex or even love.  But by golly if there isn't a whole page devoted to heartbreak, alimony, infidelity, and loss.

To which I say, bring it on!  Turns out I'm a divorce voyeur.   I don't generally enjoy delving into other folks' tragedies, but divorce is different.   It's seldom entirely tragic, for one thing, even if there is a lot of pain involved.  But it is nearly always messy, and I do love messy.  Divorce is complication, ambiguity, mistakes, and niceties rolled into one sloppily wrapped package with someone else's name on it. 

It's like watching other folks' blizzard videos or babysitting someone else's recalcitrant toddler and then handing the poopy half-sentient squaller back.  Is my addiction shameful?  Ugly, even?  Yes.  But it sure beats theknot.com.

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