Saturday, September 4, 2010


I just went to type "currently" and typed "kurrently." Behold the power of kitten!

I'm hosting two of them for the weekend. They are grey and small and egregious. Moreover, they are interested.

They are interested in the dripping of the tap. They are interested in my glass of water. They are interested in feet and cardboard boxes and the spaces behind the stove and under the dresser and the corners of newspapers and laser pointers and tails and laundry baskets and canned goods and tea and eyeglasses and drawers and instruments and plastic bags. So far, pursuant to their investigations, they have knocked over two plants, a coffee mug, an alarm clock, half of the mixing bowls, the aforementioned laundry basket and, just now, the DVD remote.

They make me tired.

They also make me -only a little mind you; there are too many tradeoffs, like being unable to type and having to subsist on kibble- jealous. How many of the miracles of my daily life -the teapots, the couch cushions, the faucet, the interstitial space between the cabinet and the wall- do I pass over without a second thought? How long has it been since I've thought my toes worthy of entrancement? My bread worth of an orgy of sniffing?

Go to it, kittens. Maybe I'll learn something. At the very least maybe y'all will get tired enough to let me sleep.


Susan said...


ps: My verification word is "ticat"--how does it know that felines are involved?!

Dan said...

This is exactly why I love having cats--watching them sleep for 10 hours and then spend an hour fascinated by an empty box makes me realize that I may just be making life too complicated...