Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life Wakes All Your Sleeping Dogs

I meant to stay put. I read a whole book about it. It was called Staying Put and it was by Scott Russell Sanders, from whom I grew up down the street, and with whom I share a gut conviction that life is meant to be lived within half a day’s walk.

I like staying put. I also like puttering, a word that always seemed to me as if it ought to have been etymologically derived from staying put. I like having decades-long acqaintanceships -not friendships, mind you, but the people you greet half-heartedly at the bank week after week until their hair is gone and yours is close. I like learning the lay of the land, then letting the it lie.

Goodbye, IN. I love you. No irony, no halfways, no complication. Which, for me, is saying something.

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Andrew said...

I understand the feeling you're expressing here. But you will learn so much living in another part of the country. And, contrary to the saying, you can always move back home again someday.