Friday, May 14, 2010


Folks, you heard it here first: We're moving to VA.

I'm not too happy about this. The Midwest is my place. This is my landscape; this is my sky. These are my (polite, bacon-interested, community-minded) people. We're leaving in mid-July and I am already bereft.

These are the situations in which it doesn't really pay to be married. Also when you're picking a whole bunch of dirty socks up off the floor.


Jonathan said...

oh noes!
that's very sad, especially depending on where you move to in VA (I grew up there)
best of luck!

Noa said...

Wait! Where in VA? Anywhere near DC? Because I will be leaving Israel and moving to our nation's fair capital in August. And it would be great to finally catch up in person with my oldest friend, after, literally, a decade away from the Midwest.

Anne said...

Richmond, folks! Jonathan, if you've got any info on that area, I'm listening. And Noa, hooray!!! I'll be about three hours south by train. We'll definitely need to meet up...