Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spelling it Out

You used to have to remember stuff. Now you can let your brain go to screensaver (hello Barack-in-Speedo!) and throw yourself on the mercy of technology.

Take that little search rectangle in the corner of the browser. Type in a single letter and the industrious mole that lives in your machine unearths an alarmingly large, alphabetically cataloged chunk of your search history. Did you really look for this crap?

Under W:

Whiskey Island
Wat Zalmen

Under O:

opposite of iamb
one eighth percentage
Oberlin College Police
open window snowstorm
out of the depths I cry

Under R:

Rothko works
Ruth Miller
red suit

Under D

duck wedding
drive to the basket
dead sparrow
daily office



cep said...

I want to know what caused the search for duck wedding

Andrew said...

This is a very entertaining pastime. My lists aren't as interesting as yours though. Mostly librarian-nerdy stuff.

Ellie said...

Anne Timberlake, you are the light of my life. Largely because you've given me the opportunity to say:

Hey Anne, nice wrack.