Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meming it up

I'm just that bored. Share my pain.

20 years ago:

1. Lived in a house with mint-green vinyl siding.
2. Attended hippie school. (No grades. No clothes.)
3. Read copiously.
4. Spoke little.
5. Fascinated by that overheated crayon smell.
6. Nursed a yen for Gilbert Blythe.

10 years ago:

1. Lived in my head.
2. Attended high school. (Desultorily.)
3. Read copiously.
4. Enthused little.
5. Fascinated by college brochures.
6. Ended an unfortunate entanglement with Sylvia Plath.

5 years ago:

1. Lived in Ohio.
2. Started my super-senior year of college. (Indecision; donuts.)
3. Read copiously.
4. Drove little.
5. Fascinated by psycholinguistics, psycholinguists, psycho linguists.
6. Conducting clandestine relationship.

3 years ago:

1. Lived in that junky apartment people liked to pee on.
2. Started my second year of graduate school. (Sororobots; neurological disorders.)
3. Complained copiously.
4. Played little.
5. Fascinated by those few glimpses of sky.
6. Too tired.

So far this year:

1. Moved.
2. Accepted gainful employment (help; help.)
3. Read moderately.
4. Meditated little.
5. Fascinated by Alex Ross.
6. Kept my maiden name.


1. Drove south one hour; saw trees.
2. Avoided work. (Sunday! Sun!)
3. Walked much.
4. Wrote little.
5. Fascinated by cop cars.
6. Pledged undying devotion to cheese.


1. Drove north one hour; saw trucks.
2. Avoided work. (Not going back. No, never.)
3. Idled much.
4. Danced little.
5. Fascinated by that strange picture in the NY Times. Also cheese.
6. What Would Cheese Do?


1. Live here.
2. Go to work.
3. Shout much.
4. Smile little.
5. Fascinated by the clock. (When is 4:10?)
6. Lift up my heart to Cheese.

In the next year:

1. Live.
2. Quit.
3. Shush much.
4. Shoot little.
5. Fascinated by leaves, interleaving.
6. Who moved my cheese?


Lily said...

Hi Anne! I love your blog! Ellie has got me hooked on it :)

When I have slow moments at work, I've been reading your back posts, and I can't help but notice a prevalence of cheese.

Last week this article was in the paper and it made me think of you. If you lived in San Francisco and you weren't vegetarian (maybe you're not anymore?) that this would be the place to go. They charge you extra if you ask for "no cheese" on your burger! Love it!


Anne said...

Well hi, Lily! I'm glad you're reading. I wish I did live in San Francisco: I would shoehorn the two of you into going with me!!