Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Line 1

Below is a smallerized version of a marvelous document I ran across the other day in the course of my professional endeavors. (No, smallerized is not, in fact, a word, but it ought to be.) As you can see, this handy Bomb Threat Checklist will save you work and energy in the event of a bomb scare. Simply check the appropriate boxes for a useful, time-saving memory aid!

Here, for example (click to see larger version), I have checked that the caller was a male adult, making a local call, and warning of a bomb set to go off at noon. Unfortunately my caller was not kind enough to leave his name and address (see item 1) but he had a raspy, pleasant voice, talked with a lisp, had excellent language but poor grammar, and was calling from Bedlam.

I encourage you to print your own copy of the Checklist to keep next to your phone. Or under your pillow. Because you never know.

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