Friday, September 7, 2007

M.D. and the Girlz

Merton Densher, he of the stupid name and stupefying passivity, has this to say about the straits in which he finds himself in the last tenth of his creator's novel: "There had been in all the case too many women."

And yes, our Merton has been led around by the nose a little. But too many women? Is there such a thing? I firmly believe there can be too many men: witness Jihadists, packs of fraternity brothers, and the White House. But packs of women don't seem to have the same destructive power as packs of men. (Discounting the Maenads, but I suppose it's never a reach to assert the existence of too many cannibals.)

Is there anything really wrong with female-dominated environments? I wonder about this sometimes, mostly because I can't seem to escape them. As much as I would dearly love not to be a girly girl, everything I want to do seems to be something done by, well, girls. For whatever reason, men (with a few exceptions) don't seem to hunger to teach small children, work with the elderly, or cooperatively dine.

Do we lose anything by their absence? Sometimes I don't think so. Other times -when I see a little boy light up for his male therapist, for example- I do. Perhaps the only thing I know with any modicum of certainty is that Merton Densher's an ass.

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